What Other Big Players Are Saying About the iPad

Just days after the first unveiling of Apple’s iPad, some of the big players in the entertainment and mobile industry have thrown in their 2 cents worth on the device.

Satura Iwata, president and CEO of Nintendo, criticized the iPad. He called the iPad “just a bigger iPod Touch”. He also stabbed Apple for not delivering anything new or innovative – after all, the iPad is just a combination of a tablet, an iPod and an ebook reader. This especially rings true as the iPad runs the same operating system as the iPhone, and is a lot less functional when compared to a laptop despite its decent specs.

Also in the gaming industry, Sega seemed very interested in the iPad, citing that such a technology can have a huge impact in the context of gaming possibilities. They were immensely successful with their Super Monkey Ball on the iPhone and is not about to let similar opportunities slip through their fingers.

Another major iPhone games developer, Tapulous, popular for their Tap Tap Revenge game, believes that the iPad will build upon the success of the iPod and iPhone. CEO Bart Decrem foresees the increasing presence of the iPhone OS in mobile devices and that it may be a start of a big shift towards mobile gaming on the operating system.

Bolt Creative, on the other hand, have a different opinion altogether. Despite having the best selling paid iPhone app on the market to date (Pocket God), they’ve expressed their disappointment on the device. They claimed that the multi-touch still have problems that prevented it from becoming a more robust gaming platform and that the iPad will most likely not have as big an impact on the gaming industry as the iPhone did.

Nokia too, had a problem with the iPad. Or to be more precise, Mark Squires, the head of Nokia’s Social Media was taken aback when he heard that Apple had claimed to be the biggest manufacturer of mobile devices. The current accepted usage for mobile devices does not include laptop and netbook, which was calculated in by Apple when they made the bold claim. In reality, Nokia still holds the title and no one is coming close at second at the moment.

Russ Wilcox, CEO of E-Ink, commented that dedicated e-readers will outsell the iPad, simply because there are many other readers out there that can outperform the iPad in its task.

Netflix did not really provide any direct comment relating to the iPad, saying that it’s not their priorities to bring their services to mobile devices yet. However, he did mention that they were looking forward to releasing an app for the iPhone. And if iPhone can run it, so can iPad.

The iPad was generally received well by most, especially in the gaming industry. However, it doesn’t seem to favour well with the rest. Just how well will the iPad perform?

We’ll have to find out come launch day…

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