iPad Revolution From Steve Jobs

Tweet Steve Jobs is at it again. This time, he and his company, Apple Inc. have once again launched a new innovative product that is out of the box cutting-edge technology. While there have already been netbooks, smart phones and even digital book such as the Amazon Kindle, Steve and Apple have an even more brilliant idea. They combine all aspects of the already existing devices and pack them into one slim portable device which they call the iPad. With an iPad, the user is not only capable of reading the e-books but also able to play sophisticated games such … Continue reading iPad Revolution From Steve Jobs

Apple Is Not the Only Owner Of iPad

Tweet Perhaps, before Apple, Inc. launches iPad, we, or most of us, may have never heard of any other big names in the industry coming up with the name iPad. However, as a matter of fact, the Japanese name, Fujitsu, has already been using iPad as the brand of some of their products long before Steve Jobs come up with the iPad. Besides Fujitsu, there is also a European name that happens to be one of the biggest chip producers, STMicroelectronics, that claims that iPad has also been a brand of theirs for a long time. This is the reason … Continue reading Apple Is Not the Only Owner Of iPad