What Other Big Players Are Saying About the iPad

Tweet Just days after the first unveiling of Apple’s iPad, some of the big players in the entertainment and mobile industry have thrown in their 2 cents worth on the device. Satura Iwata, president and CEO of Nintendo, criticized the iPad. He called the iPad “just a bigger iPod Touch”. He also stabbed Apple for not delivering anything new or innovative – after all, the iPad is just a combination of a tablet, an iPod and an ebook reader. This especially rings true as the iPad runs the same operating system as the iPhone, and is a lot less functional … Continue reading What Other Big Players Are Saying About the iPad

iPad For Gaming? Why Not?

Tweet There has already been a lot hype about Apple’s new iPad even though it has not even come out yet. The question from the consumer is: Is it as good as everyone says? I suppose that question will surely be answered in due time. Now, what about the gaming? Will the gamers enjoy it? The answer is simple, yet complicated. The Apple A4 processor in the device runs at 1 GHz, up from the reported 600 MHz processor in the iPod 3GS. I know what you are thinking to yourself: “Okay, I have no idea what in the heck … Continue reading iPad For Gaming? Why Not?

iPad Tablet Made Its Debut

Tweet Apple has finally released a new product to the public. Apple wouldn’t even have to show this product and get millions to buy it without a sweat. Fortunately, they did give it a name. It is the iPad. iPad? What in the world is that…? A virtual mattress? No! The iPad is said to be somewhere in between a computer and an iPhone. Apple came out with this product to target businessmen, gamers, Mac lovers, and all sorts of people. Okay, well please explain it a little better than just “a big iPod”. That’s what I’m here to do … Continue reading iPad Tablet Made Its Debut

Apple iPad – Still No Flash!

Tweet Yup, that’s right folks. The iPad, just as the iPhone and the iPod before it, will not support Flash. It doesn’t come as a surprise, seeing the long history of Apple’s refusal to support the popular web multimedia platform. Adobe Flash was first introduced in 1996 (under Macromedia) and has now become the most popular way to include high quality animation and interactivity on the web. Entire games have been created from Flash, from simple addictive Tower Defense games, your favourite games in Facebook (Farmville, Pet Society) to a full blown Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG). Popular … Continue reading Apple iPad – Still No Flash!

iPad Revolution From Steve Jobs

Tweet Steve Jobs is at it again. This time, he and his company, Apple Inc. have once again launched a new innovative product that is out of the box cutting-edge technology. While there have already been netbooks, smart phones and even digital book such as the Amazon Kindle, Steve and Apple have an even more brilliant idea. They combine all aspects of the already existing devices and pack them into one slim portable device which they call the iPad. With an iPad, the user is not only capable of reading the e-books but also able to play sophisticated games such … Continue reading iPad Revolution From Steve Jobs

Amazon’s Attempt to Keep Up with the iPad

Tweet It is inevitable that Amazon might lose its portion of the market share to Apple after the debut of the iPad device. This is not something that Amazon wants to experience, of course. Therefore, Amazon is currently attempting to keep up with Apple iPad. One of the steps Amazon is taking is the acquisition of a company that happens to be known as Touchco. Touchco can be considered a newcomer in the industry of touch screen interface. Amazon and Touchco reached a deal last Wednesday (4th February 2010). By aquiring the Touchco company, Amazon is intending to make their … Continue reading Amazon’s Attempt to Keep Up with the iPad

What You Should Know About Apple’s iPad

Tweet The long wait is finally over. After 8 years of rumors and speculations, Apple has finally opened the floodgates and announced the arrival of the Apple iPad. Just how good is the Apple iPad, anyway? Was the patient wait in vain, or are we being treated to yet another innovative product from the great Apple? Most people would think that it’s a giant iPhone or iPod Touch, and they’re not wrong either. The design is almost identical except for the fact that it’s, well… BIGGER? Other than the design, the look and feel of the operating system would be … Continue reading What You Should Know About Apple’s iPad