iPad Tablet Made Its Debut

Apple has finally released a new product to the public. Apple wouldn’t even have to show this product and get millions to buy it without a sweat. Fortunately, they did give it a name. It is the iPad. iPad? What in the world is that…? A virtual mattress? No! The iPad is said to be somewhere in between a computer and an iPhone. Apple came out with this product to target businessmen, gamers, Mac lovers, and all sorts of people.

Okay, well please explain it a little better than just “a big iPod”.

That’s what I’m here to do for you! The iPad offers a 9.7 inch backlit LED screen, and is only 1.5 pounds with a thickness of 0.5 inches. The iPad gives you the ability to download anything directly onto it with its Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G AT&T capabilities. All of these capabilities ensure that the iPad user will be capable of the fastest connection and downloading speed out of any of Apple’s products.

Is there an app for that? The answer is yes. Yes to any situation one could think of. With the iPad, the user has 140,000 apps or more at their fingertips. There are apps being created every second of the day. Need an app? I can assure all that there is one.

Speculators were…well for a lack of a better term… speculating that the price of the iPad would be nearly $800 or even $900. Yet, Apple came out with a debut price of only $499! Somehow, Apple really worked on their price, because the user is paying only $499 for an iPod and a computer!

The network offered through the iPad is AT&T. Some may say how poor of a company AT&T is, and this, or that. The truth is, AT&T is doing everything in its power to ensure that the iPad user obtains the best wireless connection. AT&T has invested two billion dollars into creating a better  experience for the iPad user and is planning to invest 900% more within the next few months. AT&T is going to stop at nothing to make the iPad perfect!

Well, what about the features? I think a better way to ask this is what features does it NOT have? The iPad features YouTube, Safari, 140,000 apps, photos, iTunes, iPod, App Store, iBooks, maps, calendar, and contacts to just name a few. Any Apple owner knows that Apple has had all of these things since the iPod touch. Well, not only does it have all these features, but it has the updated versions of all of them.

The iPad has a new accelerometer that has been upgraded from the previous iPhone accelerometer. The iPad’s accelerometer uses both X and Y axes to ensure a real 3D feel to it. This new upgrade is brilliant for the gamers out there.

Apple’s new iPad has so many features going for it. The new technology it offers is truly endless. One could not go wrong purchasing this new iPad. The targeted audience? The human race.

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