iPad Revolution From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is at it again. This time, he and his company, Apple Inc. have once again launched a new innovative product that is out of the box cutting-edge technology. While there have already been netbooks, smart phones and even digital book such as the Amazon Kindle, Steve and Apple have an even more brilliant idea. They combine all aspects of the already existing devices and pack them into one slim portable device which they call the iPad.

With an iPad, the user is not only capable of reading the e-books but also able to play sophisticated games such as Need For Speed Shift that is developed by the big name company, Electronic Arts, Inc. This is possible because the iPad has been equipped with a processor that seems to be more powerful than that equipped into a common netbook.

Long before, in the year 2001, Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates, had already forecasted that such a tablet computer as iPad would become the trend in the world of consumer electronics in a period of 5 years. But unluckily for Microsoft and Gates, their project got stuck even though such big names as Compaq and Dell were behind the company to give it support.

However, it is a relief to the world that Steve Jobs stepped up to plate. With his artistic touch, he had actually obtained the rights to the technology in 2004. But the 5th September 2007 became the first time that he ever launched his first mini tablet computer, that is the iPod Touch. This is the real beginning of the iPad.

Steve mentioned that with the experience of Apple, Inc. of selling 75 million devices (iPhone and iPod Touch) they knew that people are indeed in need of the iPad. We could even see that Steve’s face was full of confidence and joy when he mentioned it at the launch of the iPad.

With a device that is sold with a price tag between $499 and $829, Steve Jobs, together with his beloved Apple, Inc. crew, has once again broken the rules and laid out the regulation that tends to limit people from being creative and innovative.

Going against the norm seems to be one of the things that Steve is really good at. Twenty five years ago, this was exactly what he did and he became the first person to revolutionize the computer. He became the person who came up with Silicon Valley right from his home. At the launch of iPod in 2001, he did sparked another revolution in the industry of music. While people are busy hijacking music in MP3 format, Steve was able to sell the MP3 music in mp4 format instead. Now, with his iPad, he seems to be challenging the Amazon Kindle.

However, it is up to the customers after all which one they will go for. It could be an iPad or it could be an iBust!

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