iPad For Gaming? Why Not?

There has already been a lot hype about Apple’s new iPad even though it has not even come out yet. The question from the consumer is: Is it as good as everyone says? I suppose that question will surely be answered in due time.

Now, what about the gaming? Will the gamers enjoy it? The answer is simple, yet complicated. The Apple A4 processor in the device runs at 1 GHz, up from the reported 600 MHz processor in the iPod 3GS. I know what you are thinking to yourself: “Okay, I have no idea what in the heck this guy is talking about.. EXPLAIN!” Okay okay I will! Calm down! More simply put, it is better than any other Apple device on the market.

So to answer the question above… Yes, the buyer will be more than pleased with Apple’s new product. The gamer could not go wrong with this iPad.

But wait! There’s more!

The iPad also offers a multi-touch screen, and lists in the specs an accelerometer. The new accelerometer on the iPad will be able to be sensitive to both the X and Y axes to really give the gamer the ultimate 3D feel. The accelerometer is really what allows the user to tilt the iPad and have something happen on the screen. The iPhone does not offer this type of accelerometer, so this is a new update.

The iPad is considered to be somewhere in between a computer and an iPhone. It is designed to work like a computer, but not quite as expensive and not quite as large. It offers a nice large 9.7 inch screen for the gamer to use.

Apple has already been working on new apps and games for the iPad user exclusively. Apps that nobody has ever seen or used before. These are said to be “The next generation of gaming”. There really isn’t any way to go wrong with the iPad gaming system.

Okay, well what’s the downside?

There really isn’t a downside to the iPad gaming system. The only problem is that the user will be limited to Apple’s SDK and iTunes delivery mechanism. This means that the user is limited to only Apple’s games or ideas. This is really too bad because there are tons of games out there that are designed by companies other than Apple that are simply outstanding. Are there ways around this? Yes, of course. The ways you can get around this are, unfortunately, not legal. I would not recommend taking these actions, however they can make your iPad gaming experience even better.

I highly recommend the iPad to all the gamers out there. One really couldn’t go wrong with it due to Apple’s very large investments into it. How do they acquire these investments? Well, have you seen their stock recently?! They have accumulated a very large capital due to their revenue, along with their shareholders. They are an incredible company with great investments. The iPad buyer couldn’t go wrong when it comes to gaming.

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