iPad Tablet Made Its Debut

Tweet Apple has finally released a new product to the public. Apple wouldn’t even have to show this product and get millions to buy it without a sweat. Fortunately, they did give it a name. It is the iPad. iPad? What in the world is that…? A virtual mattress? No! The iPad is said to be somewhere in between a computer and an iPhone. Apple came out with this product to target businessmen, gamers, Mac lovers, and all sorts of people. Okay, well please explain it a little better than just “a big iPod”. That’s what I’m here to do … Continue reading iPad Tablet Made Its Debut

Apple Is Not the Only Owner Of iPad

Tweet Perhaps, before Apple, Inc. launches iPad, we, or most of us, may have never heard of any other big names in the industry coming up with the name iPad. However, as a matter of fact, the Japanese name, Fujitsu, has already been using iPad as the brand of some of their products long before Steve Jobs come up with the iPad. Besides Fujitsu, there is also a European name that happens to be one of the biggest chip producers, STMicroelectronics, that claims that iPad has also been a brand of theirs for a long time. This is the reason … Continue reading Apple Is Not the Only Owner Of iPad