AT&T and What it Has to Do With the iPad

AT&T could not be doing more than it already is with regards to the iPad. AT&T has invested more than two billion dollars in Apple’s new iPad. Some may ask why? Why would AT&T invest such a large amount. Well, there is such a large group of customers that it has to please, so this investment is necessary.

AT&T claims that their 3G connection is perfect to fit the needs of iPad customers. Not only does AT&T offer a great 3G connection, but it also supports a great Wi-Fi connection for the iPad user.

Reliable sources have stated that AT&T is going to invest 900% more into upgrades of their 3G network connection. Yes, that is 18 BILLION dollars. These upgrades are likely to happen within three months in the San Fransisco Bay Area along with New York City, New York. AT&T is just so determined to give the consumer a more pleasurable iPad experience.

The more targeted area for AT&T is in the San Fransisco Bay Area, because there is a large concentration of iPad users. More specifically, the target will be stadiums and other places where there is a very large concentration of iPad users.

There is a chance that AT&T will be subsidizing the iPad so that it is a lower price, and more customers will be able to afford this new product. Not only are they lowering the price of the iPad, but there may also be an unlimited access fee of only $30! Is this a sign that wireless connection is become easier for companies such as AT&T? There is a very good chance that these connections can be offered at lower prices in the very near future. Not only for items like the iPad, but also for cell phones, PDAs, the Amazon Kindle, and other items that require connection specifically through AT&T!

Additionally, AT&T is planning to place 1,000 more cell sites to make for even better connection. What is a cell site? Well, to the reader this is probably better known as a “cell phone tower”. This will allow for ten times better Ethernet than what AT&T offered in 2009. The company will prefer fiber optics to the legacy network in order to carry on the 3G data.

AT&T claims that it is not just the great 3G network they offer that contributes to the connectivity of the device, but it is also the device itself that contributes to this connectivity. Devices such as the BlackBerry, iPhone, and now the iPad are all excellent examples. AT&T enjoys when these products come out to the public because the increase in technology is directly related to the connectivity.

Now, there are a few problems that AT&T is experiencing, but never fear! They have a plan already being set in place to deal with any problems. AT&T has already planned to deploy the LTE-based 4G starting in 2011. It is based on IP networking and requires less fee in spite of the fact that it is faster. Is that a deal, or what?

AT&T is doing nearly as much as Apple is when it comes to the iPad; they are changing up their whole routine to help out the iPad user, and also investing billions of dollars just to make it a better experience.

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