Apple iPad vs. Amazon Kindle

The Apple iPad may have been an ingenious product, yes, but long before it made its debut to the public, there was another massively impressive product. A product which readers all around the world would scramble to purchase. This product was known as the Amazon Kindle, or more simply put: the Kindle.

Most would know that there are many of these electronic book-readers on the market, but the Amazon Kindle is set far above any other reader. One who holds this Kindle would closely relate it to holding something approximately the thickness of a magazine because the Kindle is nearly 1/3 of an inch! No longer will one have to cramp their hands to hold down the pages of a book or have to worry about pages ripping or tearing.

The Kindle takes advantage of a vast 3G network to wirelessly download nearly any e-book on-the-go. One may be already sold on this product, but it gets even better! The e-book can be downloaded anywhere in over 100 countries in 60 seconds or under! Can’t quite grasp this concept? Say one was driving a long drive through Montana and just finished their book. In less than 60 seconds, that person can get their own copy of thousands of books without making a stop! No PC is necessary for these downloads!

The reader’s eyes are the most valuable items when reading a book. Depending on the comfort of their eyes they can determine how much the book is enjoyed. That’s the beauty of a Kindle, it is designed so that there is no glare, even when bright light is shone directly upon it.  

Possibly one of the most intriguing options for the reader is the option to choose Text-to-Speech. With this option, one can simply listen to the device as it reads the book to the reader. That way, no matter what the reader is doing, it is a hands-off activity! 
All right, now let’s take a look at a new product: the iPad.

The iPad can also be used to read e-books just like the Amazon Kindle. Just like the Kindle, one can browse through thousands upon thousands of e-books that they can download.

They have all this at the tips of their fingers (literally!).

The Amazon Kindle connects using a 3G network, some might say that the iPad is a step and a half ahead due to the capable of a Wi-Fi network along with Bluetooth. There are many types of connectivity that the iPad allows so the ready can always be connected!

The Amazon Kindle, and iPad both offer an outstanding 9.7 inch viewing screen. Each one has its own pluses and minuses: The iPad is a touch-screen, however, it is not meant to be a book-reader so it does not eliminate that pesky glare that readers hate. This does not mean that it does not offer a quality screen.

Not only does the iPad offer a great screen for the user to maneuver with their finger-tips, but it also allows the user to output the viewing screen to en external device such as a TV. This is especially great for the business man, or college professor.   
The Amazon Kindle and iPad both offer a wide spectrum of uses, advantages, and disadvantages. It is simply up to the user to determine which one fits their personal needs best.

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